The first season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians aired in 2007, and since then we have seen Kylie Jenner turn from child, to teen, to woman. As viewers, we also started to notice an increase in the size of Kylie’s lips. What started off as an unhealthy obsession with lip liners quickly turned into fillers, resulting in teenagers trying to emulate her look and engaging in #TheKylieJennerLipChallenge. This brought masses of negative publicity to the star, with media outlets deeming her a bad role model.


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The Dove ‘Real Beauty’ Campaign (2004)

The campaign itself was launched to reform standard Western ideas of beauty, after studies concluded that only 2% of women would describe themselves as beautiful. This statistic was so shocking, it made front page news – thus bringing more publicity to the campaign and garnering more support. Research had proven that the definition of beauty seemed limited and unattainable to the ‘average’ woman.

In Western cultures the ideology that in order to be beautiful you must be tall and slim, which is reinforced by the numerous thin models used in advertisements across the Western World. The media also plays a significant role in sculpting the way ways in which our culture views women.

By using a variety of different shapes, sizes and ethnicities Dove aimed to promote the idea that it is in fact confidence that makes a woman feel beautiful. It is important to note that the Real Beauty Campaign was launched shortly before the launch of their new Firming Cream.

Proof in the campaigns success can be found in the current Dove campaigns. Eleven years later and the company still uses diverse and curvaceous models to promote their products, and remains the basis of their brand.

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