After spending the past 24 hours writing 2,500 words about how The Mindy Project challenges narrow media representations of gender, femininity and beauty you’d think I’d be sick of writing about her. You are mistaken! This post isn’t PR related in any way, shape or form – just simply me declaring my love for Mindy Kaling.


During my research (which wasn’t really research – just me watching re-runs of my favourite TV Show and reading her interviews) I found this great excerpt from her book Why Not Me? published in Cosmopolitian.

If you have the time its worth a read and I promise I will be back to PR related posts now I’ve met my final deadline!

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“Journalism is printing what somebody else does not want printed – everything else is Public Relations” – George Orwell

Hi all, for today’s post I’ve decided to do something a little different. For one my of my Media Relations modules, we had to evaluate this statement by novelist, journalist and critic George Orwell.


I’m still trying to figure out whether my blog is for PR students, or the PR professional. It just seems silly to write about themes in PR I haven’t learnt about yet. So my plan is to simply start from the bottom and work my way up. Hopefully, my evaluation of this quote will help other first year students to some degree. So here it, my answer to the question in light of all the practical assessments I partook during the module.

“George Orwell’s statement highlights the link between public relations and journalism, which are becoming increasingly intertwined in the 21st century media environment. This Media Relations module has enabled me to gain an insight to how the two are related yet still very different.

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